Shamanic Soul Retrieval

What is Shamanic Soul Retrieval Therapy?

Shamanic soul retrieval is a form of healing that draws on the wisdom of shamanic cultures. It brings about healing both on spiritual and energetic levels, based on the notion that some problems you are suffering have been caused by (or have caused) damage to the fabric of your soul (or vital essence), resulting in parts of it being lost from you.

Trauma is one of the conditions that can bring about soul loss, with people who have experienced it feeling as if they have lost a part of themselves.  Sometimes people even use the words like  ‘I feel a part of me is missing’ or ‘a part of me is lost’ or ‘I don’t quite feel like myself’. This could happen through loss (relationship, job, home etc.), grief, abuse, negligence or traumatic event that has happened to you like a being in a car crash etc. Life brings a lot of traumatic experiences to us. However everyone’s resilience is different. What can be traumatic for one person may not be traumatic for someone else. We are all unique.

What is soul loss in western psychology and psychotherapy?

Soul loss in western psychology and psychotherapy is described when a person experiences a sense of depersonalisation and detachment. Such people are often not present in their physical bodies or feel as if they are looking at themselves from the outside. They may feel physically numb or not feel much at all. When we experience trauma, a part of us flees the physical body as it does not feel safe in the physical body. After the traumatic event is finished, the part can come back. But sometimes, it does not come back. It is almost as if it was ‘frozen’ in time and space. When parts of us are missing, it is very difficult to do traditional psychotherapy and people can spend years in therapy with little results. It is because it is difficult to do a therapy on a part that simply is not there.

Through shamanic soul retrieval therapy, these dispersed fragments can be brought back together and healed, helping to make you feel whole again. Soul retrieval can really compliment the psychotherapeutic process as the two work well together and treat the person holistically. Soul retrieval brings about peace, a sense of wholeness and vitality.

What conditions can Shamanic Soul Retrieval Therapy help with?

I have already mentioned trauma, but there are other conditions people may be experiencing that could be aided by shamanic soul retrieval therapy, including stress or anxiety.

How can you book a Shamanic Soul Retrieval Therapy session?

If you are ready to book your shamanic soul retrieval session or even if you’d just like to find out more then please contact me using the form below.

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