What is Hypnotherapy?

The first thing to clear up about hypnotherapy is a common misconception people have – that hypnotherapy is similar to stage hypnosis. People have a fear that they can be ‘programmed’ to do something that goes against their wishes or their values. This is not the case.

Hypnotherapy is – as the name suggests – a form of therapy. It can be used to treat a whole variety of conditions, including anxiety, stress, phobias, trauma, unwanted habits and more. I am an integrative therapist, meaning that I can combine hypnotherapy with other forms of therapy such as psychotherapy, depending on the needs of your particular situation.

Hypnotherapy relaxes you into a trance state (don’t be alarmed at the sound of that, you’ll still be aware of what’s going on around you), from which your subconscious mind can help provide you with answers to why you are thinking or behaving in the way that you are. By being able to reach the subconscious mind, we can also begin to challenge some of those negative thought patterns that are causing you difficulty.

What Does a Hypnotherapy Session Involve?

A typical course of treatment (if there is such a thing) lasts around 4-6 sessions, however in some cases 2-3 sessions will suffice. Every client is different so my approach is flexible, not prescriptive.

The first session is fairly straightforward. First of all, I need to make an assessment and find out more about you and your problem. Depending on time, we may even try some hypnosis. The aim here is to let you become comfortable with hypnosis itself and also with me as a therapist. Hypnotherapy is a mutual process where trust is of prime importance, so I shall do my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I may then use relaxation techniques to induce hypnosis with a view to taking the edge off the anxiety.

In addition, I might use some positive suggestions to help you rebuild your confidence, as well as a clearing technique that will allow for the clearing out of a lot of issues that may be contributing towards your issue. A lot of ‘load’ can be shifted during this process. Please allow around 1.5 for the first session. Should you wish, I will also give you a CD or mp3 of my ‘Relaxation and Confidence’ recording (value £10) to listen to between sessions.

The second session will depend on the progress made after the first session. It may be analytical in nature and focus on revealing the root cause of the problem, finding the real source of it. The core of an issue is usually held in the subconscious mind, which is hard to access unless one is in a state of hypnosis. Let’s take anxiety as an example. Not all anxiety has a particular root cause as anxiety can also be learned from a young age, especially if we grow up in an environment where we did not feel safe or those around us, such as parents, were anxious themselves. We model our behaviours on others.

Any following sessions may be more practical in nature, so I may teach you how to use various techniques, including CBT combined with self-hypnosis and focused breathing so as to help you cope with your problem. I may also teach you standalone self-hypnosis as this gives you another tool that you can use long-term to reduce and eliminate your anxiety. It will also build on other techniques taught in the previous sessions. In addition, I may also focus on specific suggestion-therapy tailored to your needs. This will aid in the whole healing process and help to rebuild your confidence.

Another form of treatment can be past life regression therapy which is also highly effective for treating anxiety and lifelong phobias.

I am an Anxiety UK approved therapist and take referrals from them also.

How can you book a hypnotherapy session?

To arrange a booking with me in Larbert or even just to find out more, please contact me using the form below.


    Where am I based?

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