What is depression?

We all get down from time to time depression is more than that, as anyone who is suffering from it or has seen others suffer from it will know. Depression is a low mood that lasts for weeks, months or even years and has a debilitating effect on your ability to lead a full and satisfying life. It’s not something from which you can simply ‘pull yourself together’, it’s a condition that requires support, understanding and help to come back from.

How can depression be treated?

I offer both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy treatments, among others. With either form of therapy (or through the integrated approach of hypno-pyschotherapy), there is the possibility to get to the root of the problems and patterns of thinking that have caused the depression. This is the first step towards tackling them and beginning the recovery from depression.

Why choose Hypnolight for therapy for depression?

As well as being qualified in both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, I also bring many years of experience from both the NHS and the community, working in mental health support roles. I take a non-judgmental approach and operate on the basis of strict client confidentiality.

Because of my ability to offer different forms of therapy, I’m what’s known as an integrative therapist. This means that the approach I take will be truly tailored to you, your specific needs and what approach best resonates with you.

How can you book a therapy session for depression?

To book a session or simply to find out more, please contact mecontact me. I am based in Larbert, close to Falkirk. I am only a 5 minute walk from the train station, which offers regular direct services to Edinburgh and Glasgow.