Shamanic Therapy & More

What is Shamanic Therapy?

Shamanic therapy has roots going back hundreds and probably thousands of years and shamanism as a practice is spread in many different cultures all over the world. The therapy stems from practices of tribal shamans, who – across many different cultures – were the medicine people and perhaps even counsellors for their community.

For some people, the use of the word ‘shamanic’ can seem quite ‘out there’, but there are strong links to other forms of therapy such as  hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. You may have heard of Carl Jung, who – along with Sigmund Freud – is seen as being one of the founding figures of modern psychotherapy. Jung embraced the importance of symbols and storytelling (the stories we tell ourselves and that society tells us) in shamanic culture as being powerful therapeutic tools. Shamanic practice also utilises a trance state, just as hypnotherapy does. So shamanic therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy are all connected and work really well together when integrated.

Shamanic therapy generally involves the idea that the problems you are experiencing have come about as the result of a loss of ‘power’ in your life, loss of soul/energy essence, intrusion of foreign energies or sometimes even attachment from discarnate spirits/ beings. Because of this you don’t feel truly whole or complete, so you need to have that power and your essence restored so you are back to your full energy, feeling whole.  Depression, anxiety, obsessions and unwanted habits can be a result of the above. For example, an unwanted habit can be a result of the person losing their essence through some trauma (e.g. abuse) which leaves them with energetic cracks and holes in their energetic body so the person may feel a sense of weakness, emptiness and void. The substance provides a temporary relief so they will use the substance to try to fill the void. At the same time they leave themselves energetically open for intrusive foreign energies to move in. For example this could be projections from others that they internalised as their own (e.g. negative criticism from others such as ‘You are useless, stupid etc.).

Different forms of shamanic therapy include Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Power Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction and removal of foreign energies. For example this could be internalised fear and projections from others that can manifest physically like pains, heaviness, numbness etc. For example I’ve seen clients experiencing heavy churning feelings in their stomach from internalising negativity and criticism from their parents. Extraction allows for pulling these unhelpful energies out from the body; just like we would pull weeds from our garden.

What does working with energies involve?

There are different schools of therapy that involve working with energies. Shamanism is one of them. You may be familiar with Reiki, for example. I don’t offer Reiki, but I do provide energy healing therapy and can also work on balancing your chakras.

Balancing Chakras is another form of therapy that I can offer. Your chakras are 7 different energy centres to be found in the body. If they become blocked or out of sync then this can have a knock-on effect on your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

What to expect at your shamanic therapy session

I will prepare the space before you arrive for your session. After the initial chat where you tell me more about your situation, you also set the intention for healing and how you would like to feel as a result of the session. I will work with my helping spirits to get a guidance what is needed for the session. The session itself may include different healing practices, most commonly extraction and/or soul or power retrieval. However the healing will be tailored to your needs. I will also finish the session with some energy work to rebalance your energies.

After your shamanic therapy session

It takes up to one month for the healing to fully integrate so it’s important that you treat yourself with kindness and gentle care. We’ll keep in touch during this time. I always say, if you get your car cleaned and fully MOT’d, then if you start driving back on the dirty roads 100 mph, then you are back to where you’ve been. For most people the shamanic session is enough however some people may require additional support in the form of psychotherapy after the shamanic session. This is very individual however.

How can you book a Shamanic Therapy or other session?

If you are ready to book a shamanic therapy session or even if you’d just like to find out more then please contact me using the form below.


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