Parts Therapy

Parts Therapy Hypnotherapy

Parts therapy has been originally pioneered by Charles Tebbetts and perfected by his once protege Roy Hunter, who is now a master in his own right.

As the name suggests, it is based on the concept that we have different parts to our personality. We all experience conflicts in our thinking as a result of these parts clashing. Roy Hunter calls this ‘wearing different hats for different occasions’.

Perhaps the childlike part of you that seeks the instant gratification of spending money on something pleasurable finds itself arguing with the cautious adult aware of the need to save something for a rainy day? We’ve all had these kind of conflicting thoughts. It only becomes a problem when one parts starts sabotaging the other, we are not really aware of it and it starts affecting us in an unhelpful way. The sabotaging part is a natural part of our own self-defense mechanism. It was created at some point in the past and with good intentions, usually to protect us. In instances when it starts to affect our every day life, hypnotherapy can be useful in shedding some light on the inner conflict and the motives behind it. Parts therapy uses hypnosis to negotiate between the conflicting parts and then come up with a compromise and resolution.

To understand how the parts work, take the example of Amy:

She was experiencing excruciating migraines and anxiety. She was a typical workaholic doing long hours and worked even during the weekends, not allowing enough time out for herself. During the therapy, two parts emerged – one part that was busy, always focusing on how to make more money… and the other part, who wanted to both protect and punish Amy. This was the part responsible for her migraines and anxiety.

By giving these to Amy, it wanted her to stop and notice that she needed to slow down and give herself some time out and actually allow herself to relax. The resolution between the conflicting parts was that Amy slowed down the work pace and indulged in some enjoyable activities during the weekends, which helped her to unwind.

A deeper look…

Many situations that lead someone to consult a hypnotherapist may lend themselves towards treatment via Parts Therapy.

If you’re trying to stop smoking or to lose weight and eat less junk food then it’s likely that the part of you that’s aware of the health implications is in a tug of war with the part of you that enjoys the activity in question. Via PT, the role of the hypnotherapist is to try to act as a mediator in finding a balance and accord between these conflicting sides. Once that has been achieved, the blockage preventing the client from reaching their goal should be cleared.

Those interested in this type of therapy may consider reading Roy Hunter’s ‘Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy’. (This book is intended for trained hypnotherapists).

I am a great admirer of Roy Hunter’s work and have integrated many of his techniques into my own hypnotherapy practice.

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