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You will be able to download CD in .mp3 file format after you have made your purchase. If you prefer we can post the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy CD to you.


As with anything, the way our brain works is via repetition. Do you remember when you started to learn how to read? It was through repetition and practice that you mastered it, so now reading is automatic and you do not even have think about doing it – you just read. It is the same with hypnosis. In order to reprogramme our subconscious mind, it has to be done regularly. Aim to listen to the recording every day for 3 weeks, as a minimum of 21 days is recommended. This will create the necessary changes in your brain – you will literally be ‘rewiring’ your brain and will create new neural pathways.

Note: Please listen to the recording when you will not be interrupted and do not listen to it when driving.

Who is this Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy CD recording for?

Most smokers know that the habit is unhealthy and costs them thousands of pounds. They see the images of tarred lungs on cigarette packages and they know they are slowly poisoning themselves and shortening their life expectancy. They keep hearing all of the negative evidence from all sorts of sources, and yet many still smoke. If scaremongering worked then many would have stopped a long time ago.

For any therapy to be successful, the client has to have the motivation to stop. If a smoker says, ‘I would like to stop but I enjoy it too much’ than hypnosis is very unlikely to work. The person needs to be in the right state of mind and feel ‘ready’ to do it. For more information, see the section ‘Stop Smoking’ hypnolight.co.uk/types-of-therapy/stop-smoking/

How this recording can help?

This recording helps smokers to quit the habit by using a combination of different psychological methods. The stop smoking hypnosis focuses on increasing the motivation to stop and also on challenging unhelpful beliefs about smoking, such as the very common, ‘it helps me to relax’. Re-framing beliefs about smoking helps the smoker to view the habit in a new light and this tends to act as a catalyst for stopping the habit completely.

I give this recording to all clients that come to see me for one-on-one smoking cessation hypnotherapy.


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