Healthy Weight Loss Through Hypnotherapy and More

Why is it important to focus on healthy weight loss?

Have you tried all sorts of diets? Given slimming clubs a go? Managed to lose weight but then put it back on? Well, I can help. Healthy weight loss is about understanding how to make changes that are permanent, not temporary.

Weight gain always comes back to consuming more calories than you burn off… but why that happens is different for everyone. You may use food to cope with stress or difficult emotions. You may be bored. You may be continuing bad habits you picked up a long time ago, even in childhood.

Adding to those challenges, modern processed foods have been created to stimulate the pleasure centres in your brain. Combining sugar and fat does just that, while salt is a flavour enhancer that heightens that impact. In the USA, people creating these combinations for food manufacturers are actually called ‘food engineers’. Think about it. If food is wholesome, nutritious and healthy, it does not need engineering.

My approach to weight loss

You’re probably wondering whether I really understand what you’re going through. Well, trust me. I’ve tried every kind of diet. I never found one I followed through with in the long-term though. That’s because on a diet you always feel you’re depriving yourself. So, you lose some weight, then ‘reward’ yourself with – you’ve guessed it – the food that caused the weight to go on in the first place.

That’s why I had to find a different approach; going back to basics and re-setting your body. You’re born with a reflex telling you when you’re full. Look at toddlers. When they’ve had enough they’ll push food away. What do we do though? We force them to finish their food. As a child, you may even have faced a guilt-trip like, “children in Africa are starving so you’d better finish this”.

The intention of that may have been positive, but it trains you to override your natural reflex. Even when it still tries to kick in, we now often eat on ‘autopilot’ and ignore it. How often do you find yourself eating in front of the TV, not even thinking about the food you’re putting into your mouth?

My approach to weight loss is to switch that natural reflex back on. Through doing that, you’ll naturally start eating smaller portions. The difference from a diet is that you won’t feel hungry – your body will feel fully satisfied.

What does my treatment for weight loss involve?

As I mentioned at the start, there can be complex reasons for overeating. We will work on any underlying emotions that may be driving your overeating. I combine healthy eating coaching, hypnotherapy and mindfulness.

You’ll start really tasting food again and engaging all of your senses. All without feeling like you’re depriving yourself or trying to use food as a compensation or coping method. Instead, you’ll be using food the way it’s intended – as a healthy fuel for your body and mind.

How can you book a session to start your journey towards healthy weight loss?

To arrange a booking with me in Larbert or even just to find out more, please contact me using the form below.

    Where am I based?

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