Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing Therapy?

Energy healing is a form of alternative therapy.

You may have heard of Reiki for example or perhaps even had a session.

The truth is, everything IS energy. I have felt it ever since I was a child, in different places and from people.

You may have walked into a room where a fight just took place and you may instantly feel uncomfortable. It’s because you are picking up on the energy of what just happened. Some people are more sensitive than others and may find places such as shopping malls or other public places too overwhelming or draining. It’s because everyone carries their own energy and feelings with them and we are subconsciulsy able to pick on them. You may suddenly get a headache or feel drained. There’s a lot of negative energy around simply because people carry energies of depression, anxiety, worry, trauma, their own issues etc. and some people even like to ‘pass this on’ to other. We all have that one friend who just likes to moan and moan and complain and by the time they are finished, you feel low and drained. It’s because you picked their negative energy. They may temporarily feel better but unless they start addressing the issues causing their negative feelings, nothing will change and you may again feel drained after talking to them.

Or you may got to a place where you feel peace and tranquility and you feel energised, for example in the nature, by the sea. It’s because energy of places in nature is positive, energising and cleansing.

If you work in a helping profession (nurse, doctor, social worker etc.) the chances are you take on a lot of people’s negative energy. Unless you clear it out, it will start to have an impact on you and may even result in so called burn out.

When we become cluttered with negative energies of others, we become tired, drained, our mental health may start suffering too. Depression is a complex illness but sometimes it can be a result of soaking up too much negative energies from others, so it becomes overwhelming. If you feel fine and suddenly feel miserable when you are out and about, it may not have anything to do with you, but you just pick up someone else’s negative energy and thoughts! Thoughts and words carry energy too. Some of you may be familiar with water experiments by Dr. Masaru Emoto. He exposed water to different words (positive and negative), blessings, music (soothing, metal music etc.) and then photographed the way water crystalised when it was frozen. It’s pretty interesting and there are plenty of youtube videos.

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”
Joyce Meyer, Author

Energy healing focuses on clearing your subtle energy body – clearing and cleansing your chakras from all sorts of negative energies (anger, sadness, trauma etc.) as well as your aura (the energy field around the body). Energy healing may also involve cutting energetic cords (write an article) and teaching you what I call ‘energy hygiene’ – how to protect your own energy field so others do not syphon energy of off you and how to clear it.

How the session works:

I will ask you about your general wellbeing as well as any issues you may be experiencing (e.g. intense emotions or just feeling tired and drained).

During the session I will scan your energy body and your individual chakras and after the assessment I will clear and cleanse wherever it is required. I usually start with a general cleansing of your whole energetic body (so called energy shower) and then I focus on individual parts of your body. I will also check for any energetic hooks (a result of a very negative emotion sent your way from another person; for example a result of jealousy or a heated argument ) and tears and cracks in your energetic field. I will then finish of with energising your whole body. Think of the experience like an energetic, cleansing shower.

Depending on your sensitivity, you may experience feelings of heat or cold or you may not feel much. In my experience people who had Reiki attunements can feel this quite intensely. However rather than working with ‘universal energy’ I work with very specific energies (basic seven colors plus higher consciousness energies such as Ultra Violet, Diamond White, Electric Blue etc. ) They are all used for different purposes. For example Ultra violet is very precise and used to remove specific blocks (think of it like a surgical knife) whilst light green is more gentle and soothing.

Image from pixibay under Creative Commons License.