What are addictions?

An addiction is a compulsive, repetitive action which triggers a momentary feeling of reward despite the fact that it may be having a negative impact on your wider life and health. Common addictions include nicotine (smoking), alcohol and drugs. Other forms of compulsive behaviour which are often referred to as becoming a form of addiction – like sex, shopping, mobile phone use – may not meet the medical definition of an addiction but can still have negative and damaging consequences.

How can addictions be treated?

The first and most important point to make about treating addictions is that you need to have a reach a point at which you feel that you really do want to make a change. When people start therapy because other people (friends or family) want them to, it rarely works. You have to be ready to make the change for your own sake.

Assuming that you have reached that stage then the good news is that therapy can help you in your battle. Hypnotherapy can be particularly helpful in tackling the unwanted compulsive behaviour. The addiction of psychotherapy can also help to tackle any underlying causes that have contributed to the addiction arising in the first place.

How can you book a session to treat addictions?

If you’d like to book a session to tackle an addiction issue, or even if you’d just like to find out more, please contact me. I’m based in Larbert, close to Falkirk. I’m only a 5 minute walk from the train station, which has regular, direct connections to both Glasgow and Edinburgh.