About me

Hello and Welcome. I’m Slavka Craig

I am a registered hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and my aim is to help you overcome whatever issues you are dealing with and empower you in the process.

Anxiety & GAD

Perhaps you've been struggling with anxiety or have been diagnosed with general anxiety and you feel you cannot cope. I know how much can life be affected by this. You are not alone. Do you want to free yourself from it? Then read on.

Trauma & PTSD

If you have suffered trauma or have been diagnosed with PTSD you know how difficult and disruptive it can be on your every day life. Do not suffer in silence. Contact me.

Weight Loss

If you are tired of dieting, yo-yo effects or even diet pills and you would like to try a new approach to achieving healthy weight then read on.

Confidence & Esteem Issues

If you wish to do things differently in your life but lack healthy confidence or self esteem, it can prevent you from achieving your dreams and desires. A strong, healthy image of yourself is a success. For the help you need, contact me now.


My Methods

Shamanic Practice
Over 12 years of front-line mental health experience.
I have a First-class Psychology degree and postgraduate training in Psychotherapy.
Incorporating ancient healing methods into modern psychotherapy.

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